Chapter 27: The STRAWMAN is Dead! Long Live the Qualified Heir!

     The majority of this book was written and put together in 2003, then re-written/updated in 2008, and rewritten again in 2019. I decided not to release it in 2003 or 2008, until I had more knowledge of whether or not the processes would be helpful and to what degree. Roger Elvick had just been arrested, close to the time I was writing the book, and I wanted to know the details of his case better, and what would transpire. It was difficult getting details on this at first, but then I learned about the situation, and realized it would be better to wait until I had better information to present, which would provide more solid solutions. Well, the case with Roger turned out to be part mistake on Roger’s part, and also part political prisoner kidnapping, and torture. Fortunately, Roger just got released as of late Sept. 2007, and he is in good health and spirits.
      Recently, I questioned a close friend of Roger’s, about what he thinks about the information circulating and the newest solutions being discussed, and this person claimed Roger’s response was that he thinks it is not necessary, and that everything boils down to the tax paid, and whether or not the tax has been paid. New information Roger is discussing deals with Probate and the strawman and filing a form 607 and 609, from the IRS and showing that you are the heir to the strawman account via the Social Security Number. Apparently, Roger has seen some success from this, and understands it better than I do. But I’m learning fast. This information has come to light as this book is nearing publication in Dec. 2007.
      Here are a few points that Roger brings up that he believes are valid and important. If Roger says it’s important, then we may want to pay attention. He is one of the TRUE Freedom Fighters in this country. These excerpts are from a series of letters a close friend of Roger’s received in the last few days: 

***  It is my voluntary act and gift to see that the taxes are paid as I have requested the IRS to prepare and file the estate and gift tax forms in probate of decedent’s estate to see that all the taxes are paid; and, that I have told IRS to prepare and file on the information (all the information) I have given them. This includes all matters of 401(K) with Ohio employees, whereas, my case with Ohio is not mandatory, thus, it is assumed and voluntary in that I have volunteered to take the post-dated delinquent tax warrant/check into account for return to the source via IRS. This means they do not get the exclusion for exemption, and will have to pay the taxes from their budgets.
     “At one point in the conversation, they tried to get me to agree to some simple facts; but I had to tell them, again, there are no facts until after tax. That takes the steam out of them.
     “I don’t know if they know, or not, that the tax forms being filed by IRS might result in a Treasury –issued Distress Warrant where these employees could be arrested for the un-paid taxes. I haven’t asked for one to issue, yet. I figure to wait and see if they pay up on my Social security benefits first; and, if they don’t, then I will seek the Distress Warrant. But, as I understand the process, it is the matters in question that are brought before a Special Team and Accountability officer who brings the issues into accrual (conservation) and that IRS officer then provides the application to the Criminal CID to go and arrest property in Rem. But, a decedent’s body is a Rem property (a thing) that’s dead. It’s a dead man, so it’s a place or thing and not a person when asking if it’s a person, place or thing. The decedent can only be alive if there are witnesses (indirect invoice). But, these State employees rely on direct evidence (oral). They have no living redeemer so we are dealing with a decedent and his estate in probate with gifts in the estate. There can be no Will from one who is/was still-born in DC (District of Columbia). So, until the State Demon relents and pays the tax, they are likely to be arrested by the CID.
    “They have pursued me as an absconding debtor to make surety on the post-dated checks they wrote on my account.  But, they are all delinquent taxpayers and protesters who can’t pay their debts and need me to sponsor them to enter the pool of Mutual Funds that hold Municipal bonds and Treasury issues in 401(K) and Self-Directed Keogh Retirement plans in 50-50 joint ventures of Stocks in Securities.
     “These issues are all contraband until after tax, as they are liable on the taxable terminations, taxable transfers, taxable distributions and, direct and indirect skips, as securities and not negotiable instruments.

     “The Ohio officers didn’t seem to want to dispute the matter when I told them no binding agreements, in fact, until after tax…and, they are not going to be able to use my exemption by exclusion of the tax, because exclusions are taxable in the Call and Recall of the said joint venture(s). 
    “This is where Barton Buhtz needs to focus his attention because he is going to find they ignore everything he says in court—because a Decedent is a dead man and he (Barton) is assumed to be that person. Decedents, being dead, can’t testify, nor can anyone else suborn [bribe or incite; perjury] testimony (see: Dead Man statutes) as the Decedent’s estate escheats to the State. The judge is probating the estate and, names the State beneficiary, in the absence of a will. Then, the judicial commits the probate to an Administrative Court as judicial assets are frozen (held “in camera”); and, Barton is serving as the collateral being a trustee. Every time he appears in court, the judge/administrator is probating the estate of the Decedent. You will see more how to handle this when you read my letter to the IRS.
    The judge, sitting as a minister administrating probate of the Decedent’s estate, can’t hear testimony because Dead Men can’t testify—and, neither can there be any suborned testimony. Thus, one (the victim) is not heard in court.  But, those same said State trustees/employees have tax obligations of the Decedent’s estate.
     “The enclosed news clip shows the generation skip using another State to avoid the tax obligation. But, it is the wagering in Public Policy that they are doing—betting the Decedent’s owner will never claim the estate of Decedent. That’s the Tontine insurance scheme [see Lee Brobst material, elsewhere] that is illegal due to the judicial ruling to place the estate into probate. The Judicial Act is a Bill of Attainder that freezes the assets because it combines the Legislative Act and the Executive Act and that particular Judicial Act violates the Separation of Powers Doctrine known as Justice! From that point on, it is only the Administrative agency/Court that administers probate of the estate—as there is no Will—except that of our Redeemer.
     “This is a short overview of the scheme to get access to our estates considering the escheat is [deemed] abandoned property, etc.
     “Once we know this we can take steps to see that the spoilers, who are employed by suborned information, have tax obligations, therewith, as well. But, these are gift and estate taxes—not income taxes—in the particular context that may lead to an income tax.  But, that is a play on words, to some extent, as the beneficiary of the redeemer’s Will is what names you as the source to which the tax is to be returned—thus, the forward sale of the Mortgage held off the balance sheet like Enron was caught doing.
     “It seems that the point where the Judicial act cancels the accused’ response to the True Bill, and freezes the assets of gifts to the estate, is the tax loss write-off of the Judicial agency when they sold the mortgage (Decedent’s body) to Freddie Mac.  This is the Quit Claim and the Federal Reserve Note(s) are the Title Deed, in fact, on which the IRS 706 Trustees are liable.
     “I gifted the same to the Parole Officer with a $1.00 FRN as a trust organization, making him liable on the Gift and Estate taxes in probate of
decedent’s estate. 

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