The Politics of Pot: A Study of facts and Fictions – Released Feb. 2020
A comprehensive history of law explaining with evidence from legal definitions and case law, how cannabis may be illegal to use, grow and sell in the US, but is perfectly lawful anywhere in America.
* Does your government consider you just a vessel on the high seas of commerce?
* Is your government in fact, just a corporation which abandoned its status in order to do business?
* Are the courts really enforcing laws, or just secretly adjudicating contracts? * What is the difference between a law, a statute and a code?
* What is a US Citizen and how may assuming this status be fatal to one’s personal freedom?
* Are the police really corporation employees enforcing corporation employee codes?
* Is your case being adjudicated in an Article III Constitutional Court or Article I Legislative Court?
Topics Covered:
* Sovereignty
* Constitutional Law
* Common Law
* Commercial Law
* Admiralty / Maritime
* Equity & Chancery
* Bank of England
* British East India Co.
*British Freemasonry
* Freemen & Slaves
* Titles of Nobility
* War of 1812
* Original 13th Amendment
* Civil Rights Act
* Martial Law in 1863
* Civil War of 1868
* 14th Amendment
* People & Person Defined
* Bar Association Fraud
* Corporate Governance
* Territorial Courts
* Courts of Record
* Contracts of Assumpsit
* War Powers Act of 1917
* HJR-192 Public Policy
* Federal Reserve Act
* Bankruptcy of 1933
* Commercial Crimes
* Accepted for Value
* Strawman Control
* Right to Travel
* Venue & Jurisdiction
* Bonding Court Actions
* Subrogating the Trust
* Jury Nullification
* Claims & Counterclaims
* Law Resources

Is it true that every drug statute in America is null and void and has no force of law?

Based on over 30 years of law and conspiracy research, The hidden story of the history of fraud in America, by the British banksters, through the Bar Association attorneys, is revealed in full. Utilizing dozens of case laws, including Supreme Court cases and over 100 legal and commercial definitions, the reader is taken step by step through every element of the crime of fraud that has been perpetrated against the American people and the evidence is presented to the reader, the American jury, for their consideration and final judgment.

Nothing in this book may be construed as legal advice.
For Educational Purposes Only.