Chapter 22: Taking the Law into Your Own Hands

    After reading the past examples, you may come to realize why it is not so smart to hire a lawyer, or go along with the system. You might even be starting to consider what you can do to learn the law for yourself, so that you may present yourself, and save the time, money, hassles, and distress. If you are thinking about that right now, you are on the right track, but I will explain why it may not be a good idea to use the rules of court, codes, statutes, or any other regulations to support a case, or even to quote court citations in motions or pleadings. That doesn’t mean, you can’t present yourself, but it means “playing the game” in a totally different way than that which is usually done. If a judge can use “judicial discretion” at his pleasure, then where is the accountability on the judge’s part? Where is the remedy when they just do whatever they want to and totally disregard the law or anything brought into court for that matter?
     As I mentioned in the beginning of the book, I had been studying topics of interest to the so called “patriot movement” and the “sovereignty/common law movement” for several years, since 1992-93. In 1995, on Grateful Dead tour, while sitting in a restaurant in Arizona, I was reading a newspaper that detailed a group of “tax protesters/militia/sovereign group” in Montana who were doing some crazy sounding things. The article talked about how these guys, who came to be known as the “Montana Freemen” were holding their own court in town, and trying and sentencing public officials for misconduct. They were putting out “Wanted” posters for sheriffs and police officers who defaulted on their court appearances and offering rewards for their arrest. I remember reading this and thinking to myself, “these guys know something about the law and sovereignty.”  So, I learned everything I could about them, and I couldn’t find much. I attended a seminar by Elizabeth Broderick in the desert that was put on by someone else, and I barely understood what she was talking about. She explained how people had figured out that there is no money and that liens can be put on public officials because they lack their oath of office and official bond, and then these liens could be cashed or sold and that is all I understood at the time. She was selling these packages of these things that could supposedly be used to pay off debts, car loans, the IRS, bank loans etc. Needless to say, I was interested, but not impressed because it sounded like a money scam to me. I did understand at the time that we are in a credit system of finance, and there was no gold, etc., but the “high finance” things she was talking about were a little over my head at the time. I was more interested in the “freedom” aspect to sovereignty.
    Then, it seemed like only a half a year or so later, I was watching television, and there was a standoff in Montana with a group of people called the “Montana Freemen” by the media. I soon realized that this was the same group of people that were doing those wild things in Montana that I was reading about in the newspaper, and there were arrests of several people involved with them. Well, I was surprised to learn that one of them was Elizabeth Broderick, but not surprised by her arrest, since I thought that what she was doing sounded a little shady. What I soon realized after that was that it was me who didn’t understand what she was doing. Broderick understood pretty well, but her approach to her “defense” was shoddy, to say the least, and she often contradicted herself in her court dealings, at one point having to have a screen put over her head so she couldn’t spit at the guards and lawyers.
    One VERY important thing I didn’t understand at that time was that Elizabeth Broderick had a COURT Ordered Judgment for Millions of Dollars from the Orange County Municipality. This was a legal judgment she had no way to collect on it, so she was learning about the lien process and monetizing her liens and she went to study a seminar going on in Montana by the Freemen who were utilizing the process of monetizing liens they had on public officials. What Broderick was doing was selling little books of “checks” that were blank, but were drawn on her liens, as “assignments” and she was discounting them for people for $100.00 a booklet. You could make them out for very large amounts based on her liens. I still don’t know if her process would have been considered legal or not, but she was sentenced to 15 years in prison. She is a political prisoner as well. Why do I say “political prisoner” if she was involved in something potentially fraudulent? Because rapists and murderers get let off with less than people like Ron Lutz and Elizabeth Broderick. These are the people the system chooses to make examples out of to keep all the sheep and slaves in line.

     I ordered a package of information from Johnny Liberty up in Oregon and received several video tapes of the Freemen in their cabin in Montana putting on their “law school.”  I also received disks of all the court filings they did in their own “one Supreme court,” and copies of all their liens they had filed on public officials etc.  At first, this material was like reading a foreign language, but after watching the videos, I KNEW these guys knew some pretty heavy duty stuff. They were probably the most studied in law of all the people I had ever listened to or studied from and I was learning a lot from a whole different array of people at the time, each with their own ideas, and theories and takes on what to do in court and what happened to the history of this country as our freedoms were stolen from us by British banksters and lawyers. The unfortunate aspect to the Montana Freemen was their strongly held religious beliefs intermingled with white supremacist ideas of Jewish banking control. Knowing the truth about religion at the time, I was able to separate things and have empathy for their lack of awareness on that topic but still appreciate their knowledge of common law and equity.
    I dug deep into it, and realized that these guys had figured out and shown and proven where the system was in fact “totally commercial” and they were using the Uniform Commercial Code (UCC), as their guiding law, along with the Montana Statutes. When they would make “presentment” to a public official to “appear” to answer to the debt in a written affidavit, they would take default upon them and file a “lien” amounting to millions of dollars on their bond. Then they would take these liens and sell them to offshore banks, brokers or assign them to pay off other debts. They would make up these checks, called “comptroller warrants” and they would sell packages of them for $100 and you could just fill them out for the amount and make them out to the IRS or whoever and your debts would be paid off. How did this work? They were “partial assignments” from the millions and even billions in liens that these guys had “perfected” on these public officials. It appeared that everything they were doing was legal and within the law, since the IRS was accepting these “warrants” and some were car dealerships and other businesses. Until someone who was investigating the Freemen made an action, and told the banks and institutions not to accept them. Several things happened that are too detailed to go into here and not fit for purposes of this discussion, so I will try to make this brief and to the point, even though it is a long and drawn out story. It is, however, one of the most fascinating stories ever to transpire in America, in my personal opinion.

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