Chapter 1:  Cannabis Freedom

    How often have you sat and thought to yourself, “If it wasn’t for pot, I don’t know what I would do?” It certainly takes the edge off, doesn’t it? I know it makes me feel like I can think more clearly or put my thoughts into perspective better. Have you ever noticed that a group of pot smokers seem to think for themselves as compared to a group of “straight people?” Cannabis users have their own opinions for the most part and do not tend to conform to group standards of normalcy. They are usually very individual and do not fall for the average T.V. commercial or propaganda advertising. Maybe it is this element in cannabis that makes it so threatening to the power structure. Do you ever wonder whether the government thinks about these things or even cares one way or the other? Do you ever contemplate what constitutes the “government”? Is it the politicians in Congress or the House of Representatives or even the President? When we think to ourselves, “the government doesn’t want pot legal,” who is it exactly that we think of as “the government?” And do these bureaucrats really care one way or the other whether pot was legal or not?
     We, the People…are in fact, “the government” in this country. We, the people, have elected representatives to pass laws and do things in our name and act as our agents. This is an undisputable fact. So, when we think of “the government,” we should be thinking of ourselves and our relation to our agents or agencies as the functionaries of government. We are not separate from our government, but we are in fact, an integral part of it. When we think of the government as separate and oppressing us, we are giving power to a rogue criminal organization to control us. All power and authority flows from the private, un-enfranchised individual, not government bureaucrats and corporate actors. I believe this is very important to realize because most people look at government as separate and oppressive. Well, it is oppressive, but only because we view it as separate. If we each took an active part in government, then we would truly be government, and that doesn’t necessarily imply running for office or anything. That just means sticking on your elected officials like a fly on shit and not tolerating government abuses or denial of Due Process or false arrests on the highways.
    Next, we might ask ourselves, “do these elected officials really care whether people get high? Why should they? They do it all the time! Do you know one politician who has a clean record? We should be drug testing all the politicians because after all, we hired them for a job, didn’t we? The answer is that they don’t care one way or the other what the people do, but the corporations that control the politicians and the secret societies that control the corporations and the higher-level administrations of government do care and they care a lot. They care so much that they have made it worse than murder to get caught with LSD. Why? Because it is consciousness, and so is marijuana. Awareness must be controlled at all costs otherwise the great demise of corporate rule would begin, and people would wake up to the fact that we are financing and paving the way for corporations to enslave all mankind and harvest and destroy all our natural resources for a profit. This is called the “New World Order” and is the “Great Plan” of secret societies. This great plan is a one-world government with no opposition because the masses are asleep.
    Are you sick and tired of hiding when you smoke pot? Are you sick of feeling like a criminal every time you light up? Well, nowadays one might not be, but only ten years ago, and more so, before that, it was scary to smoke anywhere, for many people. In Arizona and Nevada, one joint could get you a year in prison. And it’s still like that today in some states, despite over half the states having medical marijuana laws in place. If that isn’t a sheepish mentality that has been engrained into our minds, then I don’t know what is.

    The world now knows how many uses there are for the hemp/marijuana plant and its undeniable use as a medicine from the well-documented book by Jack Herer titled, The Emperor Wears No Clothes. Most of us know the story by now about Dupont and their synthetic chemical compound patent for breaking down wood pulp to make paper. If you haven’t read this incredible book by now, you should read it right away. This book changed the way people looked at the cannabis plant and enlightened the world to the 50,000 commercial uses for hemp. Well, not only should we not be ashamed to use it, but we should be very upset that the corporations and secret societies behind them have sought to control our minds through brainwashing and propaganda tactics and convince us that we have in this country a system of justice that operates on concepts of “law.” That is probably the farthest thing from the truth! The pot laws in this country are not even “laws” at all. The only thing that keeps us from growing pot, selling pot, using pot or anything similar, is the propaganda lies that we are brainwashed to believe. The entire system is made up of one big scam, a sham from the inception. We do not even have “courts of law” in this country anymore. The lawyers have sold us the biggest lie ever in the history of civilization. This book will expose all of those lies and set the reader free to draw his or her own conclusions as to reality and “law” in this country.
     Do you think the police know anything about law in this country? Don’t kid yourself for a minute. Did the policeman go to law school? Of course not, otherwise he would be a lawyer. You see, the police are not lawyers and do not enforce laws. They enforce codes. Codes are not laws. A code violation is an employee charge. Only employees are charged with code violations.  Employees of a corporation, that is. So, the policeman enforces codes which are what he has been trained to believe are “laws” and they only apply to people like that police officer, not the average citizen walking down the street.
     If I am petitioning, which I often used to do, and I am in front of a supermarket and this supermarket wants to have me removed, they will have to make a citizen’s arrest and the officers would comply. But wait! There is a Supreme Court ruling in California, Prunyard vs Smith that already ruled on this issue and said I have a right to be there. Not only does the supermarket not know about this ruling, but it is in their best interest not to know about it as far as this concerns me because that means in the long run I will have to leave unless I withstand the arrest. I would be talking to the officers and trying to explain the situation to them, which I often have done. I would explain to them about the Supreme Court ruling and even show it to them, but it doesn’t seem to matter because the policeman tells me that he is not a lawyer and cannot interpret this decision and if the store owner wants to have me arrested that he would have to comply and arrest me. So even though the Supreme Court ruled on this already, there is a dispute because of several minor details. This has literally happened to me countless times.
     I was arrested by Trader Joes for petitioning and Trader Joes in particular does not support petitioning or constitutionally protected “free speech 1st Amendment rights.” I would be arrested and the policeman would tell me something like, “well you can always sue them,” which I have done after Costco arrested me for the same thing. I have tried to have a steady legitimate job now for several years, but I keep having run-ins with the law when it comes to petitioning. “I keep trying to get out, but they just keep pulling me back in.” What can a hardworking fellow do?                

     One would think that something as clear as free-speech and the right of the individuals to change the government to their liking would not need to even be discussed by myself and a police officer on the street. But like I said, the policemen are not lawyers and do not know the law. They only enforce codes, and that is their job. So, one of two things might happen. I either go to jail and sue, or leave and walk away from my constitutionally guaranteed free speech rights. The only problem is that leaving isn’t an option because it leaves the corporation in control of regulating me, a petitioner and someone entitled to do this activity on public property, and I have no recourse even though the law is on my side.  Welcome to reality. This is where the law and common sense collide. If I can’t get justice in a situation like this, how should I ever expect to achieve it in a marijuana growing or selling in a legal case? The truth is you can’t expect it and shouldn’t. Because it isn’t there. It might be in the “remedy.” The remedy is your appeal, they say.  Once arrested, then you go to court for say, “trespassing,” and once it is thrown out, which it is likely to be, you can sue. If it wasn’t thrown out and you were convicted for “trespassing,” you could then appeal the decision. But why should we be subjected to multitudes of harassing laws and then have to fight back in the courts at our own expense when an officer of the law violates their own laws? That is completely prohibitive of our rights as people. That is a reversal of “innocent until proven guilty.” Then you have to post bail and they hit you with offers of plea bargains and they proceed to completely sidestep your trial and real basic rights. What happened to “innocent until proven guilty?”
     Basically, it is the same thing in a lot of counties in California for medical marijuana patients. They must first get raided and then they can have their day in court, and after having spent thousands of dollars on a lawyer, and having their plants pulled up prematurely, then they can petition the court to return their ruined plants, which is not even medicine yet, and now, never will be. If we have laws that we pass, and we have Supreme Court rulings, then why is there any question concerning the law in these matters?

     I will tell you a little secret right now, which you will come to realize as you progress through this book, and that is….. “They make up the laws as they go.” Plain and simple! They change it to suit themselves at will. They keep the people thinking that everything is done according to a high standard and the public believes that people put in high positions are infallible. The media never questions anything about the law, the only thing they tell you is who is arrested, and for what, and how many years they are facing, if convicted on all counts. If you don’t believe me, then just watch closely the next time you are watching the news and someone is arrested.  That’s all they report. That’s all the Pentagon allows them to report on the news media.
    The news media never questions whether the system is right, or the law is interpreted or carried out correctly. Could you ever imagine watching a television or cable show, or anything for that matter, on the internet, even, and hearing anyone ever question authority, like a police officer, or a judge? Well, maybe on Judge Judy, but only for drama but not in reality. None of the television shows that portray courts are accurate, and none ever cause the viewer to think about or question authority in any manner. I could just see the day when I’m watching “Cops” or maybe a sitcom, and a police officer stops someone for doing something wrong, and the officer is corrected on the spot because the average citizen knows more about the law than this police officer. Even though it happens daily in real life!
    As I think about it, I don’t think there has been a television show that has caused anyone to think about anything since the Simpsons came out, except maybe South Park. In both programs, the police officers are actually portrayed as they are in real life, as dumbasses doing their routine jobs eating doughnuts every chance they get. Except for a few out there, most are just that. Now, I do want to add here, that for the police officers that do care about the Constitution and their duty to the citizenry, you are not the person I am talking about here. I’m talking about the bad, or, rotten apples, of which there are thousands and outnumber the good ones, 20 to 1.    

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