~~~~~~~~~ Acknowledgments ~~~~~~~~~

    I would like to thank the following individuals. Each of these people have contributed to my learning and growth process in the discovery of freedom. This book is a culmination of approx. 30 years of conspiracy research and approx. 20-25 years of on and off law research. Along the way bits and pieces have been brought together and I have gathered information from dozens and dozens of teachers and sources of knowledge. Each of the people mentioned here contributed some small piece which made a difference. They are the true freedom fighters and heroes of the slave trade. I don’t necessarily agree with all of their personal or religious views, and I don’t advocate their ideas, I simply gathered pieces of truth from them and they helped in some way to formulate parts of the puzzle solution, I simply desire to extend my thanks to these people for helping to be a part of the solution and helping people fight for freedom. Through diligent studies in law, banking, politics, and economics, the whole picture can be seen through the eyes of various individuals and their varying beliefs and ideas.

    First I want to thank Jack Herer, who has probably been the single biggest inspiration to me in my life in terms of activism and political action. Jack Here’s legacy has helped teach me the power of one individual and what one person can do to change the world. Single-handedly, this man has helped open the eyes of millions. Thank you Jack. R.I.P.

    I would like to thank all my family and closest friends who have stood by me, supported me, believed in me, put up with me and even bailed me out of jail. I would love to mention each of you, but I’m going to leave all your names out, because I love you. Thank you all.

    The following freedom fighters I would like to thank are as follows: Barbara B. You have been a tremendous inspiration and help to me, and your willingness to always be there for me, has left me in a position of gratitude to you. You are always on the cutting edge and your diligence and studies and teachings have probably helped me the most. You are always helping people and your generous and loving qualities are very much appreciated.
    Jordan Maxwell, secret society researcher and teacher. Jordan is a soldier for truth and knowledge and freedom. Jordan has contributed more to the vast material and knowledge of secret societies today than probably any other researcher, and doesn’t always receive the credit he deserves for helping to wake people up. When the information about Redemption was surfacing, Jordan helped to get people filing their UCC-1 Statements. Thank you Jordan for all your hard work and help.
    Richard McDonald, California State Citizen and ex-police officer from Simi Valley and my very first teacher in the field of “sovereignty” and freedom studies. Richard helped me understand the value of study in the law books and researching case law. Richard also helped me first get on the internet, when everyone was using AOL cds, Richard actually got my modem dialed up and I was able to download all his bulletin board material. R.I.P. Richard.
    Johnny Liberty. Your book, the Sovereign American’s Handbook and your videos were an integral part of my early learning and studies in freedom just after my discovery of Richard McDonald. You were the best at helping break it all down in a way I could understand and you presented a holistic view of the world’s politics, monetary affairs, and sovereignty freedom, all rolled up together nice and tight. Your teachings helped me prepare for my studies in commerce and issues surrounding the Montana Freemen. You have also helped me see how monetary greed can become one’s one worst enemy. I hope prison treated you okay. I advise people to stay away from “Offshore Wealth” and “Offshore Trust” programs and groups. They may have good information, but they are heavily infiltrated and the information you receive may not always be the truth.
    Leroy Schweitzer and Dan Peterson. The two hardest of the hardcore, ever to live in America since the revolution. Your videos and law studies helped me prepare for my ability to be ready to learn the Roger Elvick material. With guns on your sides and law books in your hands, you stood for the real American wild-west, and freedom from government and self-government rule of, by and for the people. You also helped me realize how much religion can truly blind someone, even though they may have a lot of truth to share. Religion is crippling to any real truth being given. R.I.P. Schweitzer. After the Montana siege, I became convinced justice in this country was pretty much extinct, but that’s why it’s worth fighting for, as well.

    Roger Elvick. I have learned so much from you there is no place to start or finish. You are America’s number one freedom fighter, and one day, in the history books, you will be written about like the founding fathers, I’m fairly certain. That is, if any history books are written by Constitutional loving sovereign freedom fighters and not the banksters. You introduced the common people to the ideas of “acceptance” and a more peaceful way of dealing with government bureaucrats. The media may be biased towards you, but I know you are a peaceful person and I thank you for all you have done.
    Thomas Marvin Maxwell, Gary Young, Joe Allen and James Montgomery. You all were very helpful, and your work is much appreciated, and herein acknowledged.
    David Dodge and Barefoot Bob. Thank you for all your valuable work on the Missing and Original 13th Amendment and Titles of Nobility prohibition. This might be some of the most valuable work done in the freedom movement, if only we can figure out how to apply it.
    Eustace Mullins. Thank you for your research into the monetary system, the Freemasons in power and the equity system in the Judiciary. R.I.P Mullins.
    Robert Maynard. Your peaceful demeanor and simplistic approach is sure to guide many to the study and quest for freedom. Your educational videos are a much needed breath of fresh air and the way you teach, including methods of breaking things down to the basic level of understanding is a very useful contribution to the freedom and sovereignty movement.

    There are many others I would like to thank, but they are too numerous to mention. They are all the freedom fighters who are pushing and pushing towards freedom and not allowing the apathy from the drudgery of daily life overwhelm them and hold them back or keep them down. They are the people traveling without a license, insurance or vehicle registration. They are the people who will never give up their guns. They are the people who jaywalk at red lights. They are the people who question authority at every turn. They are the people who care about the Constitution enough to desire to know how to keep their elected hirelings in line, and not allow them to take control over all of our lives. They are the people who represent the “government” in fact, who keep all the fictional employee “persons” afraid of the power of the “people.” They are the people who sit on juries and acquit in drug possession cases. They are the government employees who stand up for the people whenever the people need protection from government. They are also the people who will read this book and learn this knowledge and work towards justice and changing the system for the better, for all our children and the future of the world.
    I thank each and every one of you and hereby acknowledge you all.

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