Chapter 21: Cases of Judicial Contempt for the Law

    I included this chapter just in case the reader ever thinks about making the foolish decision to hire a lawyer and deal with the courts on “their terms.” I am going to show the darkest darkness before the light at the end of the tunnel, so as you are reading this, do not lose hope just yet, it is bad, but there are potential solutions in the following chapter. It just takes bravery because this is the potential, if you are not careful or extremely unlucky.
     I just wanted to use some random examples of things that happen to people when they tangle with the court system and do not understand what they are up against or what to do to go about getting their remedy. While I cannot present every detail of these cases, they do display open judicial contempt for law, justice, or sanity at the least.

    Case #1: From Mullins’ book, The Rape of Justice, “….a mother is ordered confined to jail for many months by a judge because she refuses to obey a court order from a judge that demands she turn over her infant daughter to a divorced father. The mother refuses, because she states that the father has sexually abused the child, a statement reinforced by medical evidence. After 27 months of confinement, she is still in prison, but has never faced a jury or been convicted and sentenced for any offense.” (1)

    Case # 2 : Ron Lutz : 15 Years for Passing a Check that was Never Cashed

     Back in 1999, when Roger Elvick got released from prison, Ron Lutz was in Orange County teaching his personal version of Roger’s form of “Redemption,” which I am about to expand on in the next chapter. Ron was helping a group of people in Michigan who had previously attempted to purchase a Cadillac from a dealership in Michigan and the dealer got burned on the instrument and was upset with the people apparently. The group had invited Ron to help them, and Ron traveled from California to Ohio where the car dealer was located. The whole event turned out to be a sting operation from the get-go, organized by the car dealer and the local police, and feds, I suppose, and when Ron went to tender the instrument, police jumped on him from out of nowhere.      

    Now, the most obvious issue here is the fact that you need several things to prove a crime or arrest someone for an action. First, there must be criminal intent, and in this case, it is not evident one way or the other, but the other VERY important issue, is the fact that the SUPPOSED crime had not yet taken place. In order for there to be proof the check was no good, or Sight Draft, as it was, was not a valid instrument, the car dealer would have to attempt to negotiate it or obtain the funds. This never took place, as the police made the arrest “on the spot.” Then, when the issue went before the court, the issue was sidestepped, and no evidence was presented that anyone ever tried to negotiate or cash the instrument. How about that for justice? The sentence: 15 Years in prison. Ron was locked up in 2001, and it’s now 2019, and he’s still locked up. Likely a Political Prisoner, as is the case so often nowadays.

    Case # 3: Roger Elvick – Forced into a Mental Institution and railroaded into a 4 Year Prison Term. Now, as of this writing, I still don’t have all the details of the matter, but Roger has finally been let out of prison. This finally occurred in late 2007, after having been locked up since 2003.
    Roger Elvick was self-taught with 30+ years of studies in law, including Constitutional, common law, and equity and commerce. Roger got out of prison in 1999, after a 4 year stint for financial related activities involving Certified Money Orders. (CMOs) Roger was a student of sorts of Hartford Van Dyke who is currently a political prisoner as well. Hartford’s known in the patriot community for his expertise on commercial liens and promissory notes.
    Roger got out of prison and started teaching what he termed “redemption” and thousands of people across the nation jumped on the bandwagon and followed in his footsteps and regarded his teachings as sound truth. Roger was very successful at using “Sight Drafts” utilizing his “Closed” account at different banks. He was visited by Secret Service and the US Attorney’s office and both times he explained what he was doing and he was treated very well, and respectfully. The Treasury and US officials acknowledged several times that what he was doing was correct, but one time they asked him not to liquidate a claim, and I’m not sure what he did about it, in the long run, but instead of arresting him, like they used to do, they were asking him for “favors.”

(1) The Rape of Justice, p. 1

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